Mitchell Saranow, chairman and founder of the Saranow Group, LLC, has been providing clients with strategic planning, financial administration, and business development since he founded his company in 1983. Having more than 30 years of experience within the financial business, Mitchell Saranow has helped businesses grow to become leading corporations within their industries.

Throughout his extensive career, Mitchell Saranow has gained professional affiliations and has served on several public boards. In addition to having been a member of the American Bar Association, he is associated with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. The institute has been dedicated to creating standards, advocating, and representing the profession since 1887. Through examinations and educational programs, the AICPA ensures that its members follow ethical guidelines and provide high-quality services. The AICPA hopes that through its enforcement of standards, information sharing, and advocating before other organizations, CPA professionals can provide clients, employers, and the public with the highest quality of help.

Over its more than 120-year history, the AICPA has gained more than 380,000 members around the world. With the help of its members and other affiliations, the AICPA offers licensure and certification programs that provide professionals with the training and information they need to maintain the organization’s high standards. The AICPA administers the Elijah Watt Sells award program, which honors professionals who perform at a high level on the CPA examination. With the aid of its members and other volunteers, the AICPA publishes new information within the field, continues research, and promotes policy changes that better the profession.

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